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Waffles is a baby owlbear owned by Strix, and she is the offspring of Hootie McHootface. Evelyn helped deliver the baby safely, but the mother's life was lost in the process. The group has been raising Waffles ever since.

Owlbears are considered monstrosities and not beasts, therefore spells like 'speak with animals' won't work on her.

Trivia (spoilers)[]

  • Waffles was featured as a player character in Episode 44 and Episode 102 of Dice Camera Action, played by Jared.
  • In Episode 101, Waffles was kidnapped by members of the Xanathar, who polymorphed her briefly into a fish and locked her in a cage. She was freed by street urchins played by the other members of the cast.
  • Waffles is now around fifty years old, since she kept Strix company in Barovia during her years of isolation.
  • In Episode 125, Waffles became aggressive, and a circus beast handler suggested she might be in heat and allowed Waffles to mate with the circus owlbear, Throat-ripper. Whether she's now pregnant is unknown. In Episode 137, the urchins led Waffles to the docks to help them recover Paultin's stolen chair, but Waffles sensed Throat-ripper and forced her way onto his ship, with the urchins unable to stop her. Jarlaxle magically trapped her inside his ring, and served his ship crew owlbear meat to help scare the Waffle Crew (this is presumed to be what remained of Throat-ripper). With help, the Crew later stole the ring and freed her.