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Stinky is Strix's pet Cranium Rat. Much like his owner, Stinky is opportunistic and cautious, and he regards Strix as a convenient, and powerful, mobile home.

Trivia (Spoilers for DCA Season 2 and Trapped in the Birdcage Season 1)[]

  • Stinky was featured as a player character in Episode 44 of Dice Camera Action, played by Holly. He used his telepathic abilities to allow the different pets to communicate with one another.
  • Stinky died of old age during Strix's 50 years alone in Barovia. She now carries around his ashes in a jar.[1]
  • In the Season 1 finale of Trapped in the Birdcage,[2] after fighting the hive mind called the Us, Reader discovered a smelly cranium rat that had hidden away inside his body. Young Strix saw him holding it and grabbed it from him, deciding to call him Stinky.


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