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Courtesy of Holly Conrad's Twitter

Mr. Shambleface is the name of a small Vistani puppet made in the likeness of Strahd, recovered among the remains of the ruined wagon belonging to Paultin's family. van Richten recognized it as an effigy that could be used as a receptacle to trap Strahd's soul through an ancient ritual. Strix became enamored of the object, giving it its name, although everyone else felt uncomfortable around it, and Paultin heard Strahd's voice issuing from it.

Holly created a prop version of the toy to accompany the game and her cosplay.

Trivia (spoilers)[]

  • The ritual required powerful Vistani blood transferred through the pin of a hag. Van Richten hinted that that could include Arrabelle, Paultin, or Madam Eva's blood.
  • Emil's werewolf pack came after the Waffle Crew to try to recover the effigy and return Strahd's soul to Barovia.
  • The Crew gave the effigy to Drizzt to take to the vaults of Gauntlgrym for safekeeping.
  • Izek stole it back with a squad of troops hired by Fiona. He gave it to Strix, but it was taken from her by one of the shadar-kai assassins.
  • Diath discovered the emptied "skin" of the puppet in an open coffin in the bat-infested attic of Lady Rosznar's estate, shortly after arriving at Waterdeep. He kept the doll trapped between the wall and his bed. However, when Paultin set off the explosive device in Warrington's room, it blew up half the house, and a smoldering Mr. Shambleface was last seen on a neighbor's roof, being flushed down the gutter by a rainstorm.
  • Paultin made himself slippers with Mr. Shambleface heads at the ends. Even though Strix reminded him that he hated the doll, Paultin said it helps him work through the trauma.