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Juniper is Evelyn's pet mouse. She is portly and docile, and loves to take naps. Evelyn found the mouse injured on the street and nursed her back to health, and Juniper has lived within her pouch ever since. Per Anna, "Juniper is a very simple mouse with simple needs. Full tummy, naps, and a pouch to ride in, and she's good".[1] While Evelyn has never tried casting speak with animals on Juniper, Anna says Evelyn hasn't really needed to, since they "just understand each other so well already that they don't really need to".[1]

Trivia (spoilers)[]

  • Anna revealed that she wanted Evelyn to have Juniper the mouse because a past DM would tease her and find ways to prevent her from having pets.[2]
  • Juniper was featured as a player character in Episode 44 of Dice Camera Action, played by Anna.
  • When Evelyn became a construct, Juniper began to live inside one of her compartments. After Evelyn's first death, Juniper was trapped inside and died, but brought back to life through the dark gift bestowed on one of Strix's dark elf friends. When Evelyn died a second time, Juniper was luckily unharmed. Diath freed her and gave her to Strix, where the mouse began digging at her tummy, trying to find a way inside.[3]
  • When Strix turned Paultin, Diath and Waffles into mice to hide them from the Sewn Sisters, Chris joked that Juniper exerted her dominance, saying "I'm in charge now, bitch! " and started smacking everyone around such that Strix had to separate them.[4]
  • When Simon kidnapped Martym, Evelyn tried to comfort the boy by letting him play with Juniper and their new mule, Lance. Martym later lied to his aunt so that the Crew wouldn't get into trouble. When the boy begged Evelyn to let him keep the mouse, Evelyn sadly gave her up.[5]


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